Fox Valley

Walks in and around the Stocksbridge area : Stocksbridge, Bolsterstone, Deepcar and Fox Valley.

Short walks

Underbank Underbank Reservoir and Wind Hill Farm 2.0 or 3.0 miles
From Deepcar to Wharncliffe woods and crags 2.3 or 2.7 miles
Whitwell Moor From Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre onto Whitwell Moor 3.0 miles
Ewden Reservoirs Walks around More Hall and Broomhead Reservoirs in the Ewden Valley 2.2 - 4.6 miles
Bramall Lane From the centre of Stocksbridge (Fox Valley) west along Bramall Lane and back on Hunshelf Bank. 3.5 miles
Wharncliffe Crags A longer walk through the woods and onto the crags 4.0 miles
Isle Of Skye From Stocksbridge centre (Fox Valley) up to the Isle of Skye Quarry, returning by the Tin Mill ponds. 4.5 miles
Coumes Wood From Oughtibridge to Sensicall Park and the Coomes Vale Plantation to Onesmoor before returning via Delf Hill. 4.5 miles
Oxspring Starting in Oxspring, walk takes you on the TPT, through woods, close to the River Don and over the Rumtickle Viaduct. 4.3 miles

Medium Walks

M1 Green Moor An undulating walk to Green Moor and the Trans Pennine Trail. 5.0 or 6.0 miles
Beeley Woods and Worrall From Oughtibridge to Beeley Wood, Middlewood, Worrall, Birtin Cemetery and Sensicall Park 5.5 miles
Langsett Reservoir A circuit of Langsett Reservoir taking in more than the basic loop around the reservoir. 5.6 miles
Wortley Circular From Cote Green (Wortley Station TPT) around the fields of Wortley and Crane Moor. 5.8 miles
Broomhead Moor From a stone circle to the top of Broomhead Moor and back by Dukes Road and Wigtwizzle. 5.8 miles
Bolsterstone/Wigtwizzle Circular From Bolsterstone, descend to the Ewden Valley then climbs steeply to Rocher Farm before descending to Broomhead Reservoir. Another steep ascent brings us to Stone Moor and a loop across fields back to Bolsterstone. 6.0 miles
Dragon Circular From Parsonage Farm, into Townend Common, past the Wantley Dragon, into ancient woodlands and past the grave of a Saxon King, Walder’s Low 6.0 miles
Hunshelf Bank From Underbank along the length of Hunshelf Bank with panoramic views across to both the Peak District and the Lower Don Valley, including Fox Valley. 6.0 miles
Wigtwizzle Bridleway A pair of walks in the Ewden valley linked by the Wigtwizzle Bridleway 6.0 miles
Wind Hill From Bolstertone to Wind Hill and Underbank Reservoir and back across open fields. 6.3 miles
Ewden Valley From Bolsterstone along to the main road before returning op the Edwen Valley past two reservoirs. 6.5 miles
Glen Howe Park A linear walk from Stocksbridge Town Hall to Glen Howe Park in Wharncliffe Side. 6.5 miles
Midhope Moor From Underbank across Midhope Moor and Upper Midhope. 6.5 miles
Thurlstone From Midhopestones to the edge of Penistone before a steep final descent (Judd Field).   6.5 miles
Underbank Circular Underbank Reservoir to Midhopestones. then climb steeply by the old route of Mortimer Road before return over Roughbirchworth Common. 6.5 miles
Ewden Beck From SCLC, via Waldershaigh and Broomhead Hall to Ewden Beck. Returns via the Trig Point. 7.0 miles
M17 Canyards From Bolsterstone across Ewden Valley to The Canyards returning by Broomhead Reservoir 7.5 miles
Westwood Park From Wortley village to Westwood Country Park. the village of Howbrook and Wharncliffe woods. 7.5 miles
Wharncliffe Chase From Deepcar onto Wharncliffe Chase and back through the woods 7.5 miles
M20 Stainborough/Worsborough Circular From Wentworth Castle and Gardens, the Duke of Argyle’s Monument, the Rotunda, Queen Anne Monument, Rockley Engine House and Forge, Rockley Old Hall, Worsbrough Mill and Wigfield Farm. 8.0 miles
Three Reservoirs Take in Underbank, Midhope and Langsett reservoirs starting at Underbank 8.0 miles
Hades from Dunford Bridge From the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) car park at Dunford Bridge, past Winscar Reservoir and into the woods at Hades, returning over Snailsden Moor 8.5 miles
Langsett/Dunford Bridge From Langsett to Dunford Bridge along pack horse routes, moorland and former railway tracks. 9.0 miles

Long Walks

Pike Lowe The moorland peak of Pike Lowe from Langsett via Midhope reservoir. 10.0 miles
Penistone From Stocksbridge to the market town of Penistone via Langsett. 10.5 miles
Howden Edge From Langsett, a route leading to exposed moorland on Howden Edge, returning along Cut Gate path. 11.0 miles
Stocksbridge Circuit A route on high ground around Stocksbridge and Deepcar 13.0 miles
Le tour à pied This linear walk is approximately parallel to the route taken by the Tour de France ('Le Tour'). We pick up the route at Langsett, pass through Midhopestones, ascend to both Barnside and Broomhead Moors and skirt the Canyards before leaving the route at High Bradfield. 14.5 miles


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